The Deo gratias int'l group of schools Lugbe Campus was established in the year 2000, September to be precise. by Sir and Lady George Odabi in memory of their late son, mr Teddy Odabi. The school has been of great help to the dwellers of the lugbe village and the environs. with the little analysis we had carried out so far, the lugbe campus, has produced 10 Lawyers, 2 Medical doctors, 4 Engineers of different fields and so many other graduates in different fields. the staffS there are of quality and standard. 

Available Grades
the school has pre nursery, nursery 1, nursery 2, grade 1 to grade 5. (8 classes). 

What we do

We develop skills to realize our Potentials!

What We Offer

Take a look at our top-notch Academic facilities

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Standard ICT Laboratory

Our fully equipped computer Science laboratory enables your wards to familiarize themselves with the world of Technology at a very tender Age

Sports Field

We encourage our pupils to engage in sports as an extra-curricular activity, we possess a standard sport field where students can play and practically learn various skills like leadership, patience, team efforts, and other social skills.

Standard and Functional Library

We provide a standard School library where we develop competent self-directed learners, who are aware of their information needs and actively engage in the world of ideas.

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